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Vinyl Metal Detector

Vinyl Metal Detector is made using mild or stainless steel that ensures longer functional life. The Metal Detector has automatic balancing facility and supports dual channel operations. The Metal Detector is used in plastic, food processing, dairy and packaging industries. Dual Channel Supported Metal Detector features pneumatic flap, air jet, diverter arm, belt retracting and adopts belt stop type of reject mechanism as per applications. Das Electronics manufactures Dual Channel Supported Metal Detector. Das Electronics offers wide range of metal detectors like bag metal detectors, capsule metal detector, gravity feed metal detector, pipeline metal detector, needle detector and tablet metal detector. This range of products find application in various industries like food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, garments, plastic processing, packaging industries and other industrial organizations.




  • Very high sensitivity

  • Automatic balancing

  • Dual channel operations

  • Pneumatic flap, Air jet, diverter arm, belt retracting, belt stop types of reject mechanism as per applications

  • Made using mild or stainless steel




  • Ideal for food processing

  • Dairy, packaging industry

  • Sea food, spices, dry-fruits

  • Grains and confectionary

  • Plastic industry

Capsule Metal Detectors

Noodle Metal Detector

Other Details:

  • Customised (Tailor made) aperture sizes are available.

  • Very high sensitivity.

  • According to HACCP, GMP and FDA standard.

  • Audio and visual indication on metal detection.

  • Product effect compensation.

  • Different models are available according to application.

  • Model–AMD (All Metal Detection)-–Detects Ferrous, Non-Ferrous and stainless steel

  • Model-FMD (Ferrous Metal Detection)—Detects Ferrous metal in metallised (aluminium) film packaging.

  • Model-FAMD-combination of above two (AMD FMD) models.

  • Automatic balancing.

  • Dual channel operations.

  • Pneumatic flap, Air jet, diverter arm, belt retracting, belt stop types of reject mechanism as per applications.

  • MOC- SS and MS available.

  • Ip65 control panels are available.

  • Comprehensive manual with validated test calibration kits with certificates for validation test.


  • Ideal for food like Noodle, Pasta.


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